About our Mattress

At Zommos we were looking for the perfect mattress to bring you the best night’s sleep, every night. Whatever is going on around you, Zommos is the only mattress in the UK that can adjust to your life at the touch of a button. Over time, whether it be life events or change of circumstances, most importantly our needs change.  With a few years in development, the Zommos mattress is ready to let you take control of your own comfort levels.

Using the latest air technology to create the perfect firmness level, our beautifully crafted mattress comes with a soft knitted top fabric and 100mm of the finest memory and open-celled foam comfort layers available today, encased in skin-adaptive smart fabric creating an 11″ deep mattress ensuring a cool and restful nights sleep.

Skin-adaptive smart fabric

Constructed from a luxurious cotton and polyester blend this responsive smart fabric adapts to the heat of your skin by wicking moisture away from the skin and increasing airflow through the mattress.

Breathable memory foam

Fourth-generation premium memory foam with Cool Sleep Technology introduces a revolutionary cool sleep concept that optimises heat dissipation, transferring heat away from the body for a fresher, sounder sleep.

Pocket Springs

Exclusive to QVC – Luxury pocket sprung layer to distribute sleep pressure evenly throughout the mattress and cutting motion transfer to provide a completely independent sleeping experience – plus a little bit of bounce.

Open-celled Comfort Layer

Full depth, extreme open cell structure with high porosity that optimises airflow and improves breathability 30 times greater than leading viscoelastic mattresses.

Dynamic core

Adjustable firmness layer using Dynamic Air Technology available in single and independently adjustable double sizes — shapes to your unique body profile to give the exact level of comfort and support you need for a perfect night’s sleep.

Prefer a little bounce?

Need adjustability but still want the extra bounce of springs? Our brand new Zommos Hybrid gives you all the benefits of the UK’s first adjustable firmness mattress with some added bounce. Our pocket-spring system complements our Dynamic Core by evenly distributing sleep pressure across the mattress and cutting out motion transfer giving you an even more independent sleeping experience. The Zommos Hybrid is available exclusively from QVC.

Need more adjustability?

Unfortunately, the Zommos Mattress is not suitable for an electric bed base due to the structure of the mattress. However, our partners over at Adjuatamatic have created the Sleep ID mattress that fits perfectly to an electrically adjustable bed base, so you can adjust both the firmness and the position of the mattress at the touch of a button.

Why not sleep on it?

We already know Zommos is the only mattress you will ever need. But don’t take our word for it, try Zommos at home absolutely risk-free for 100 Nights and discover the perfect way to sleep. Click below for more details.