Product Description

The latest edition of the Zommos Mattress featuring pressure-sensitive technology Dynamic Core to allow you to adjust the firmness at the touch of a button, the Zommos mattress adjusts to life as you do. With the average life span of a mattress lasting 8-10 years, your body can go through so many changes; pregnancy, changes in weight, sports injury and the natural aging process to name a few. These life changes make alter the support your body needs for your mattress. Zommos is the first mattress in the UK to allow you to adjust the firmness on your side of the bed at the touch of a button, without affecting your partner’s comfort.

The latest generation memory foam introduces a cool-sleep concept that optimises heat dissipation, moving heat away from the body through the night. All encased in the breathable super-soft knit cover with, the plush cotton and polyester blend responds to your body temperature, allowing airflow through the mattress to keep your temperature just right throughout the night.