Whilst the country is facing an uncertain foreseeable future due to the Covid-19 outbreak, here at Zommos, we’re working hard to reduce the impact on our colleagues and our customers. We understand the government guidelines and are taking the below actions to ensure the safety of our colleagues and customers through this time:

• Our cleaning process has been increased to a daily full clean of all working areas using disinfectant known to kill Covid-19.

• Our colleagues have been provided with extra soap, sanitizers and breaks to increase handwashing throughout the day.

• Workspaces have been rearranged to allow at least a 2m space between workers as per the government guidelines.

• Any employees or members of their household displaying symptoms of Covid-19 are being asked to self-isolate for at least 14 days.

• Our delivery teams have been supplied with sanitizing products for use prior to every delivery and cleaning equipment for their vehicles to be used at least twice a day throughout vehicles and between every delivery on high contact areas (steering wheel and instruments, gearstick, hand brake and door handles).

• Our delivery teams have been asked to comply with a no-contact policy on deliveries, no handshakes, accepting drinks in customer’s homes etc.

• Any customers expecting a delivery and are showing symptoms of Covid-19 are asked to let us know as soon as possible by sending an email to sleep@zommos.co.uk and we can rearrange delivery accordingly.

• All colleagues have been asked to comply with a no-contact policy with each other and external visitors for the protection of all.

Whilst the Covid-19 outbreak is an ongoing issue with new developments each day, we are continuing to monitor the situation, with this statement being updated accordingly. To date, we have had no cases of Covid-19 within the company. We will continue with all efforts to help delay the spread of Covid-19 as per the government guidelines.