1.1 We have complete confidence in the performance of our mattresses for everyday use in your home. To give you the same level of confidence, when you buy a new Zommos mattress we provide you with the following guarantee. Please keep a copy of your order confirmation as proof of purchase.

1.2 The guarantee starts on the date of delivery of the mattress, and lasts as follows:

(a) 25 year guarantee – the “dynamic core” (the airtight envelope).

(b) 10 year guarantee – the rest of the mattress not covered by the 25 year guarantee (the pump, hoses and controllers fabric covering, the foam layer, stitching and finishing).

1.3 We warrant that the mattress will be free from material defects.

1.4 The following defects are not covered by the guarantee:

(a) wilful damage, accident, or mistake by you or by someone else other than us;

(b) if you fail to operate or use the mattress in accordance with the user instructions;

(c) any alteration or repair by anyone other than us or one of our authorised repairers;

(d) damage caused by:

(i) non-domestic or abnormal use.

(ii) a power surge.

(iii) expose to extreme temperature (below 0˚ Celsius, 32 ˚ Fahrenheit, or above 35 ˚ Celsius, 95 ˚ Fahrenheit).

(iv) a broken or unusual bed base.

(v) you attempting to clean the mattress inappropriately.

(e) mould, dirt or smells resulting from poor care of your mattress. We recommend the use of a waterproof mattress protector on all mattresses (not just ours!).

(f) softening, compression or firmness changes in the foam layer.

(g) damage to the foam layer where liquid has been spilt on the mattress. Liquids spilt on any mattress can cause the foam layer to degrade. We recommend the use of a waterproof mattress protector on all mattresses. (h) cosmetic damage. 1.5 The guarantee does not apply to any mattress sold as “reconditioned”, “used”, “previously owned” or “as-is” indicating that it is not new.

1.6 If your claim under the guarantee is successful we will repair your mattress or provide you with a replacement mattress.

1.7 This guarantee is provided free of charge and in addition to the rights given to you by the law.


2.1 If you believe that there is a defect with your mattress which is covered by this guarantee you should contact our customer service team on 01782 594 264 or at sleep@zommos.co.uk.

2.2 You will need to provide proof of your purchase, and a description and evidence of the defect which you believe is covered by the guarantee. We may also ask you:

(a) to provide photographs; and

(b) to return the mattress to us at your cost (which we will reimburse to you if your claim under the guarantee is successful and you provide proof of the return cost).

2.3 Once you have provided the requested evidence we will then consider your claim under the guarantee and decide at our sole discretion whether your claim is covered under the guarantee.

2.4 If we determine that your claim is not covered by the guarantee then we will ask you whether you want the mattress returning to you at your cost, or whether you want us to dispose of the mattress. If we do not hear from you within 28 days of asking you what you want, we will dispose of the mattress and we will have no further liability to you.


3.1 If we determine that you have a valid claim under the guarantee then we will at our discretion:

(a) repair your mattress; or

(b) provide you with a replacement mattress.

3.2 The guarantee period in respect of a repaired or replacement mattress will be the same as the time remaining under the guarantee period for the original mattress.