Here you can find any commonly asked questions about Zommos Mattresses, please try to find if your question is answered here before getting in touch with us.


Will Zommos fit my bed?


Currently Zommos is available in UK Single (3’ x 6’3), UK Double (4’6 x 6’3), UK Kingsize (6’ x 6’6), and UK Super King (6’ x 6’6) sizes.

To offer the greatest support and comfort, we recommend your Zommos mattress is supported by a solid base. If your bed has a slatted base, please check the gap-size between the slats. If the gap-size exceeds 7cm then you will need to purchase a peripheral accessory — available on our website — to provide the necessary support for your Zommos mattress.

Other things to consider: room to accommodate electric pump and pipework; access to power supply, and room beside your bed for the remote control.


How easy is it to setup my Zommos mattress when it arrives?


The Zommos mattress comes with a setup guide and should take no longer than 10 minutes to get everything in place and up and running. Depending on your retailer, you may be able to get them to deliver and install the mattress for you.


I’ve seen lots of adverts for mattresses from brands like eve and Simba. What makes Zommos different?


Mattresses like eve and Simba have certainly simplified the process of buying a mattress for consumers, and all claim to have created a near perfect feel to suit everyone. In that sense we would make the same claim but with one major difference.

Zommos is the only mattress available in the UK that combines convenience with choice, giving customers the ability to change the firmness of their mattress on both sides at the touch of a button. One perfect mattress that delivers a perfect night’s sleep for everybody.


How does power get to the mattress?


The pump unit is powered by a standard UK plug. Ideally this will be behind the bed. However, our installation team will assess your bedroom and fit the pump and mattress according to the power supply in the room.


Zommos is the first mattress of its kind in the UK. What is the life expectancy of this new product?


There are always concerns when a new product is released. But don’t worry, our mattress has a history of over 30 years in the marketplace — enjoyed by tens of thousands of satisfied customers across the USA, Canada and Australia.


Do you offer delivery and installation?


Everybody deserves a perfect night’s sleep. No hassle, no stress. That’s why at Zommos we’re offering delivery and installation to all our customers. After our customer services team arranges a convenient time to deliver your new Zommos mattress, our delivery team will take the mattress to the room of your choice, set up your new Zommos mattress on your existing or new bed base and show you how to use the features to help you get the perfect night sleep straight away. We’ll even move your old mattress to another room of your choice so you don’t have to lift a finger in the process.