Zommos Mattress

Mattress maintenance? What’s that…?

The average good quality mattress should last between 8 and 10 years before it needs replacing. Taking good care of your mattress can help prolong the lifespan of a mattress and keep it as firm as it was designed to be for as long as possible. We all talk about mattress firmness but what does it all mean?

The firmness of a traditional mattress is often determined by the quality of the materials used inside whether it be foam or spring. Over time, these integral components that give the main support wear out over time and without proper care will wear much faster. Sooner rather than later, your mattress starts sagging and will cease to give you the full support you need for good quality sleep.

By revolutionising the way mattresses are made, and using the latest materials and technology, Zommos needs no maintenance to continue to give you full support throughout its lifetime. Simply set the Zommos mattress up on day one and you won’t need to move it again for over 10 years. That’s right, no flipping, no turning – just plenty of sleeping!