How does exercise effect my sleep?

With the warm weather seeming on the way out, our on motivation to exercise, to get that summer body is slowly disappearing. But, here’s why you shouldn’t give up on that exercise routine just yet.

Exercise can help in ensuring you get a better night sleep every night. Working out effectively can make your body tired gently and slowly, helping you get a better night seep. Releasing tension and stress through exercise also helps to promote a better sleep, it’s highly beneficial to top your mind going into overdrive as soon as your head hits the pillow. Believe it or not, exercise helps to cool and regulate your body temperature. So, while the summer has not quite gone back to sleep for the rest of the year, exercise is actually a great way of helping your body to keep cool on the warm, muggy nights.

Don’t over do it.

Watch out not to over do it though, wearing yourself out physically too much is not likely to make you sleepy. In fact, it can often act as a stimulant to your brain and increase your alertness when you’re trying to sleep (yes, you’re more likely to be kept awake by the tick of your clock or the dripping tap from the bathroom). Overdoing it can also put strain on your muscles and make you feel a bit tense as you get into bed. These aches and pains can keep you away as you toss and turn to find a comfy position. If you find yourself in the situation and need something a little softer, the Zommos Mattress can adjust at the touch of a button to just the right firmness to ease up those temporary aches and pains.  Also, watch out not to exercise too close to bed time, this can disturb your sleep by not giving you enough time for your body to fall back in to its relaxed state, a couple of hours should do it though.

Do you even lift?

Exercise doesn’t always need to be a strenuous session in the gym on the weight bench. Yoga is also a great way to exercise to help your body relax whilst burning some calories and toning you up at the same time. Don’t think its always an easy way out though, some yoga positions have been known to bring tears to the eyes of even the ‘strongest’ men.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to exercise for a better night sleep, try out this 20 minute yoga video from Yoga with Adriene .