How does exercise effect my sleep?

With the warm weather seeming on the way out, our on motivation to exercise, to get that summer body is slowly disappearing. But, here’s why […]

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zommos mattress avaialable in next

New start-up mattress manufacturer launches with one of the biggest UK retailers.

Zommos is the UK’s first adjustable firmness mattress and is the culmination of more than three decades of experience in the bed retail and manufacturing […]

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lady sleeping

How much sleep do you really need?

When it comes to sleep, we can often become complacent at looking after our own sleep health and ensuring that we get the right amount […]

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shocked potato

What you should, and shouldn’t be eating before bedtime!

What you eat and drink before bed can have an effect on your sleep. As an example, meals containing the amino acid tryptophan—a constructing block […]

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Warm Sleepers Rejoice

Having just come out of what seems like a Game of Thrones style winter of 6 months, the last few days of warm weather seem […]

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Zommos Mattress

Mattress maintenance? What’s that…?

The average good quality mattress should last between 8 and 10 years before it needs replacing. Taking good care of your mattress can help prolong […]

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Top tips for getting a good night sleep

When spending a third of your life sleeping, it’s important to get it right. Good quality sleep is the foundation to good health. People often […]

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remote control

Can you put a number on your sleep quality?

When it comes to health and wellbeing, making sure you get a good quality of sleep is one of the first steps you can take […]

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Taste of Autumn – 5 Healthy breakfast ideas with an autumnal twist

From Hot Chocolate Oatmeal to Pumpkin Pancakes, we take a look at the best autumn-inspired breakfast ideas to kick-start your mornings. Autumn is quite possibly […]

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3 Reasons to nap – Why a quick snooze now and then is good for you

Despite common opinion, research shows that napping is actually good for most people. As if you didn’t already need an excuse to, here’s 3 reasons […]

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Adjustable firmness - Finding the right level for you

Adjustable firmness – Finding the right level for you

What do you like in bed? And before you answer, we’re talking about how soft or hard you like your mattress. We’re all different at […]

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