Our Story

We’re all wonderfully unique, but our differences make it impossible to find a mattress that feels just right for everybody. So we set out to create a single product loved by every kind of customer. One perfect mattress that delivers a perfect night’s sleep.

Zommos is the culmination of more than three decades of experience in the bed retail and manufacturing industry. We’ve seen plenty of revolutionary product innovations during that time, and we’ve learned exactly what customers want when it comes to buying a new mattress.

There are already quite a few products doing a great job of simplifying things, but we knew we could take that concept further and create a single mattress that doesn’t compromise choice for the sake of convenience. One that makes the process of buying a mattress easier for customers, whilst giving people the freedom to choose how they sleep, instead of giving them limitations.

Before now, purchasing a mattress in-store meant it was impossible to know whether it would be truly right for you in the long-run. Even trialling a mattress to order can present a very similar set of problems for customers looking to simplify the process. Not to mention the compromises commonly made by couples choosing a new mattress together. These are the very things we looked at when we decided to come up with a way of making life — and the quality of sleep — much better for everybody.

We’ve taken the very best elements of what people have come to love most about their mattress — utilising a revolutionary cool sleep concept in the latest generation memory foam for even more breathability, combined with custom mood smart fabric that responds to skin temperature — and introduced a way of truly making it their own. With a Dynamic Core built inside, now you can adjust the firmness of your mattress for whenever you need the added support, or want the extra softness.


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