sleep your own way

Whether you like a firm mattress, a soft mattress or can’t make your mind up – Zommos is designed to fit you perfectly, even for couples with different preferences. At the touch of a button, you can adjust the firmness on either side of the mattress to give you a dual firmness mattress. Zommos is designed with your comfort in mind. With firmness levels controlled by a Dynamic Core built inside, you can change the most important aspect of any mattress – softness and firmness – and adjust exactly how it feels on both sides.

pressure sensitive technology

Using the latest pressure sensitive technology to create the perfect firmness level, our beautifully crafted mattress comes with a memory function as standard to ensure your mattress feels as perfect for you every day you sleep on it as it did on the first day you slept on it. On some models, our pressure sensitive technology gives you zoned support to allow each part of the mattress to adjust to your body’s needs exactly where you need it to.

at the click of a button

You change how firm or how soft your mattress is, and with a double and upwards you can individually change the firmness and softness for each side of the mattress, to fit your specific needs.

created lovingly in Great Britain

We’re proud to be able to say that Zommos is the home of the UK’s first adjustable firmness mattress.

Zommos mattress has been designed, manufactured and tested right here in Britain. We have taken great care to create one perfect mattress loved by all our customers.

our mattress

Dynamic adjustable firmness technology

Dynamic Core

Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Combination

Technologically Advanced Wool

why not sleep on it?

We already know Zommos is the only mattress you will ever need. But don’t take our word for it, try Zommos at home absolutely risk-free for 100 Nights and discover the perfect way to sleep. Click below for more details.